Ronnie Reimers...2553 pts
Wally Milne...2439 pts
Kyle Aliven...1492 pts
Nicky deBrum...682 pts
Ben Reimers...451 pts
Bwiji Aliven...440 pts
Anja Andy...421 pts
Timothy Anok...317 pts
Mack Capelle...226 pts
Valentino...142 pts
Ace Doulatram...69 pts
Edgar...48 pts


17th  Annual 
 All-Micronesia Tournament 2009
Official Rules and Scoring

REGISTRATION - Each team shall pay a registration and boat charter fee of US$950.00. Registration of each team must be done no later than 9:00pm on Friday September 4, 2009.

TEAM REQUIREMENTS - Each team consist of a minimum of two and a maximum of three anglers. No more than five people will be allowed on each boat entered in the tournament (including captain and crewmen). The names of each team member must appear on the registration form for each team. Each team must designate a Team Captain to represent the team in all meetings or decisions regarding rules. Team Captains must be onboard the boat during fishing.

CHECK-IN & CHECK-OUT - All boats must check-out with tournament officials at the Uliga dock before starting to fish. After checking out, the boat must go directly fishing; absolutely no stops on shore will be allowed. If a boat stops anywhere after checking out, it must return to the dock and check out again. All boats must return to the dock directly after fishing. If a boat proceeds to any other landing area prior to checking in, all fish on that boat will be disqualified. For safety's sake, all boats are required to check in at the dock after fishing.

FISHING HOURS - Start 7:00 am and end 5:00 pm. This means lines out of the water at 5:00 pm. All boats must be in the immediate vicinity of the dock by 5:30 pm. Tournament fishing hours may be extended at the discretion of the committee dependent upon weather conditions.

LATE HOOKUPSIn the event that a  team is hooked up with a fish before 5:00 pm, but has not boated the fish by that time, the fish may continue to be fought provided that the hookup is reported by radio prior to 5:00 pm or can be verified by another team entered in the tournament who witnessed the hookup.

FISHING EQUIPMENTAll fish must be caught using normal fishing equipment, including standard rods, reels, or handlines. Lures or live bait may be used. Outriggers, down-riggers, and/or kites may be used.

RADIO CONTACT Radio contact with the tournament officials will be on marine VHF channel 69. All boats are required to have a radio onboard and turned on at all times. Radio round-ups will be conducted at 10:00 am, 12:00 noon, 2:00 pm, and 4:00 pm each day during which time boat captains will be required to report the number of strikes, hookups and fish boated during the previous two hours. In addition, boat captains must immediately report any hookup by radio to tournament officials as soon as it occurs. There is grid map chart of the immediate vicinity of Majuro and Arno atolls, when you fishing activity you must refer to the grid map to give your location (your boat captain and crew can assist you with the orientation).

RESTRICTIONS All fish must be caught on hook and line only. Unattended lines, such as those attached to balls or other floats placed in the water are not allowed. Multiple hooks may be used but fish caught on two lines will be disqualified. Fish must be in good condition in order to qualify. Shark-bitten or mutilated fish will be disqualified. Based on the decision of the tournament judges, fish which have been mutilated during gaffing, may also be disqualified.

BILLFISH TAG AND RELEASE - Marshalls Billfish Club and All-Micronesia tournament officials strongly encourage conservation of all marine resources.  In conjunction with this, teams will be awarded 200 points for each billfish, which is properly tagged and released.  In order to qualify as a tagged and released fish, the billfish must be caught in accordance with all tournament rules. The fish must be brought to the side of the boat with the leader securely in hand, must have the hook removed or cut off, then be properly tagged, and released alive. A Tag and Release form must be submitted to tournament officials at the dock.  The decision of whether to release or boat a fish shall be made by the team captain, not by the boat captain. Tag sticks will be provided by the club to all boats.

TOURNAMENT TROPHIES - Trophies will be presented for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Total Points and 1st, 2nd, 3rd biggest fish caught in each of the following categories: Billfish, Tuna, Wahoo, and Barracuda. Mahi-Mahi has been retired.

BILLFISH RECORD CASH PRIZE A cash prize of $3,000 will be awarded to any team entered in the tournament who holds the new All Micronesian  Tournament record for Billfish after Sundays weigh-in. Currently the record stands at 794 lb. held by Alex Tretnoff of Pohnpei.

OFF-ISLAND TEAMS- Visiting teams must have at least two members who have traveled from the Island where they are resident and are representing. In the event that only one team member can travel due to unforeseen circumstances. The remaining team member may have one local angler join the team, however the visitor is to be captain and fish on both days without exception. Teams wishing to bring their own boats from off-Island may do so. They will be entitled to all prizes with the exception of the Charter Boat Captains prize. The maximum allowed on the boat is five. This will include one neutral observer provided by the club.

BOATING SAFETY - Everyone involved in the tournament is expected to demonstrate good boating safety practices at all times.  Only one boat at a time should enter the channel under the bridge; following boats should wait until the first boat has completely cleared the channel before entering it.  When approaching the dock, all boats should slow to a safe harbor speed and avoid creating waves, which can be damaging to other boats and/or people.  Charter boats, which violate these rules, may be disqualified from receiving bonus prizes and/or full charter fee. All Charter boats will be required to have the following safety equipment on board, VHF radio, flares, life jackets, first aid kit, and life ring.

DISPOSITION OF FISH - All fish caught during the tournament belong to the charter boat for disposition at the discretion of the boat owner or captain. Anglers wishing to take fish with them may negotiate such an arrangement with the boat captain.

JUDGES' DECISION - a three-member committee consisting of the Director of Tournaments or his designee, the Official Weigh-master, and an Official Judge appointed by the tournament committee will make all tournament decisions.  The team captain must lodge any protest against a decision of the judges immediately.  Protest must be registered with a tournament official no later than one (1) hour after completion of each day's weigh-in.  



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