30th Annual Fishing Tournament

Tue, June 17, 2012

Team Captain Species Pounds Points1 MS-STACEY Emil deBrum PBM 190 1902 PATUMAHOE Kyle Aliven PBM 163 163. Read More


Lazarus Andrike Memorial

Thu, June 23, 2012

Team Mara's 550lbs Pacific

Blue Marlin. Read More





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Marshall Islands

RMI Online: Internet Guide to the Republic of the Marshall Is.
General information on the Marshall Islands operated by the RMI Embassy to the U.S. in Washington. Here you will find information on Marshall Islands geography, history, tourism, and many other issues, as well as RMI Government statements and press releases.

Marshall Islands Visitors Authority 
This site has tourist information about what the Marshalls has to offer a tourist coming to the Marshall Islands.

The Bikini Atoll Home Page
Check out the Bikini Atoll home page for all the information you need to know about the Bikinian People, their islands, their history, nuclear testing and the ships in the lagoon.

Robert Reimers Enterprises Home Page
One of the biggest businesses in the Marshall Islands, RRE offers a hotel, diving tours to Bikini, Mili, Arno and Jaluit Atolls, shopping centers, pearl farming, and much, much more.

Marshall Islands Resort (MIR)

Air Marshall Islands [AMI]
The Marshall Islands, mere flecks on the vast Pacific Ocean, conjure up flashes of memory for many people. Kwajalein, Enewetak, Bikini. These tiny atolls with musical names, sites of World War II history and post-war controversy, now available to visit and explore courtesy of AIRMarshall Islands.

The Mieco Beach Yacht Club.   Majuro Atolls Yacht Club.


Marshalls Energy Company Inc.   Power Utility Company based in Majuro.

Pacific Islands

The Web site of Pacific Magazine and Islands Business

Pacific Islands Report
Comprehensive news reports from around the Pacific put out by Al Hulsen of the East-West Center in Hawaii.

Pacific Islands Internet Resources
Run by Michael Ogden of the University of Hawaii, this is a comprehensive and regularly-updated list of Pacific Island sites.

South Pacific Organizer
Travel guide to the Pacific.

Pacific Daily News-Guam

National Weather Service. Tyan, Guam     
The latest weather forecast and observations for Marshall Islands, Micronesia, and Guam.  

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